Tips On Choosing High Quality Essential Oils

Although everything is modern and progressive, an evident trend of natural health and cleaning products are still preferable. Due to this shifting, essential oils paved its way to the global market, resulting in many competitions around. To help you choose among the variety of essential oils, here are the tips to guide you.


Determining the validity of the price of essential oils can be a daunting task, as you have to know where is the origin of that essential oil. Some oils can be produced quickly but need a large number of raw materials. However, expensive oils do not always mean higher quality than affordable ones. Avoid discount retailers, bazaar, and other bundle promos. Pure organic essential oils have high concentration levels that only require a few drops of application, so these expensive ones have a reasonable price in the long run.


The purity of a pure organic essential oil has no official standard, as it only refers to the therapeutic value of oil. A 100% pure essential oil does not always guarantee the correct process or the right amount of fragrance. Oils with too much fragrance often have lesser therapeutic benefits of pure essential oil. It is recommendable for you to find an honest retailer that specializes in essential oils for a guaranteed high quality product that you desire.


The label does not always mean the brand of the essential oil, but the in-depth contents and information about it. To do so, check the botanical name of the extracted plant, product’s country of origin, distillation date, expiration date, and, if possible, its chemotype. Essential oils are known for its health and beauty benefits, but misuse can lead to disaster instead. Do not be too impatient and read thoroughly to guarantee your safety.


No legit essential oil business would dare to skip oil testing, which always comes in two types: the gas chromatography test and the mass spectrometry test. Responsible manufacturers run these two tests simultaneously on every batch of oil from the distiller. High quality essential oils, like pure organic essential oil, always provide GC/MS reports on their online websites for transparency.

Knowing these four tips will not only increase your knowledge as an aromatherapist but also avoid potential hazards to your health. High quality essential oils may be more expensive than the regular ones, but it guarantees effectivity and safety at a reasonable cost.