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Qualities To Look For In An Entrenador Personal


Having an entrenador personal gives you the discipline to get that training in motion. Getting fit and healthy or attaining that perfect body is made easier with a professional who knows the job. We list down the things that you should look for when getting a personal trainer for your gym work-out journey.

Entrenador Personal

Spanish for a personal trainer, an entrenador personal is a trained professional able to draft an exercise routine for you. They are there to help you execute the proper techniques when exercising and to also monitor your progress. Personal trainers are your gym best friends, there to offer professional help for you to achieve your dream body.

Good Character

No one wants to dread going to the gym because of their trainer as this could hinder your goal achievement. Your trainer should have a good character that can encourage you to stick to your training regime.

  1. A good trainer is patient primarily because it is your body that should be worked on, not their personal goals.
  2. They should be honest and be able to communicate effectively, leaving no room for you to misunderstand your training regime.

Tangible Qualities

A good character is a necessity for your trainer, so you can be comfortable in your exercise journey. However, tangible qualities should also be present to ensure that you get the best possible training still. The trainer should be working at an expert level, demonstrating proper techniques, and evaluating your progress comprehensively. They should know their way around the routines and have years of experience working with a variety of clients. 

Working Out At KOA

When you reside in Barcelona, consider signing up for a membership at KOA, home to the city’s best personal trainers. The following are the training specifications that you can expect when you train with a KOA professional trainer.

  1. Objectives are initially evaluated and defined which will be used to design a personalized plan of work.
  2. Minute changes will be made to your everyday habits which will increase in intensity to prepare you for bigger changes.
  3. The changes that were planned according to your goals will be implemented with continuous evaluation for progress.
  4. Results are measured and you will come to a point where the work-out routine has become integrated into your lifestyle.
  5. The cycle goes back to step one for the next goal, but this time, everything will be leveled up.


Getting fit takes work and discipline, but it can be easier with guidance. If you have decided to start your journey to getting that body goal, choose to partner with us at KOA. Contact us now at NUMBER or through this LINK.