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How Does A Pain Relief Light Therapy Device Work?

Scientific research has revealed that pain relief light therapy devices that emit either red or infrared lighting can yield certain positive effects on living cells.

Infrared light therapy is especially prized for its ability to help offer pain relief by targeting inflammation in the body. Athletes and those with chronic pain conditions especially find light therapy a fairly effective and non-invasive method of promoting natural healing.

Red Light Vs. Infrared Light

When considering pain relief light therapy device, it’s crucial to understand whether they emit red or infrared light. The major difference between the two is the deepness of penetration beneath the skin’s surface as a result of their wavelengths.

According to the different wavelengths, light is perceived as different colors by the naked eye. Red light is not only the last on the spectrum, but it also penetrates the deepest, and beyond the red light is what is considered infrared. For this reason, infrared is seen as red light but actually is an imperceptible color.

Due to the different wavelengths of the two colors, they are used quite differently in therapy devices. Red light is used mostly on the skin’s surface to help clear blemishes and provide assistance with anti-aging.

On the other hand, infrared lighting is used to penetrate deep into a person’s nerves and muscles to help alleviate pain. Fortunately, the two different lights are easily used interchangeably for optimal results.

How Does Infrared Light Therapy Treat Pain?

The light energy works to penetrate deep beneath the layers of your skin in order to reach your nerves and muscles. Your body’s cells absorb a great deal of energy directly from the light and in turn become more active. Cellular regrowth is encouraged as the blood flow increases while certain activities can help target inflammation and diminish pain.

Does Research Support Light Therapy Working?

Infrared light therapy is still a fairly new concept in the health and wellness industry. The actual research pertaining to the effects of light therapy on the body is still in its infancy.

As more people are becoming interested in the technology, science is taking leaps to understand how the process of light therapy works. For example, a Turkish medical journal showed promising search results when they tested infrared light therapy on patients with spinal problems. The findings concluded that these individuals enjoyed a better quality of life and less pain overall after the therapy.