Desert Family Vision Center Services



Having eye problems can make you miss out on life’s most beautiful moments and make you uncomfortable if left unchecked. When you reside in Safford, Arizona, desert family vision center is the best place to seek expert eye care.

Eye Care and Why It Matters

The eyes might be a small portion of the body but it plays a highly significant role. The state of your eyes’ health is a picture of what your overall health is like.

  1. Blood vessels, muscles, and nerves converge in the eyes so they can be used to observe general well-being. 
  2. Poor eyesight can cause accidents ranging from minor to even the more serious ones.
  3. Blindness, the end-game of eye problems if left untreated, often has negative social and economic implications. 

Family Eye Care

Like any medical check-up, your present eye condition is not the only thing that should be considered. Its history and that of your family play a role as well. You must have a trusted clinic holding your complete and up-to-date records for an expert diagnosis.

Desert Family Vision Center

Here in Safford, Arizona, there is no other eye clinic that offers top-notch eye care than desert family vision center. Their services are all reasonably priced and convenient, plus a wide selection of eyewear is available to meet customer needs.

Eye Exam

The eye exam at desert family vision center is comprehensive. After all, nobody wants just a quick diagnosis, understanding the hows and whys of your eye issues is also important. The experts at desert family vision center check not just the vision, but the eye and surrounding tissues as well.

Specialty Services Offered

Their expertise is not limited to correcting blurred vision. A variety of specialized services are also available in the clinic.

  1. Topographical contact fitting for keratoconus and other irregular eye conditions.
  2. Dry eye spa using top-tier technology for relief of dry, itchy, and uncomfortable eyes.
  3. Optomap technology for assuring retinal health and tracking or identification of underlying conditions.
  4. Same-day prescription glasses or lenses are possible.
  5. Vision therapy for special conditions like crossed eyes, lazy eyes, and double vision.
  6. Treatment and therapy for serious eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. 


Desert family vision center is dedicated to giving the best eye services here in Southeast Arizona and Western New Mexico. You can be assured that your and your family’s eye health will be placed in the best hands.