Services of a Dentist Baton Rouge

Taking care of your dental health is more than getting cleanings to make your teeth sparkle. There are a lot of other corrective procedures your dentist in Baton Rouge can do to maintain, improve, or restore oral wellness. Here is the wide range of services you can get to meet your dental needs.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Your dentist can help you achieve the smile of your dreams through performing cosmetic dentistry. There are lots of options available to repair your oral structure or correct any malocclusions. Your dentist can opt to get you veneers, teeth bonding, whitening, bridges, crowns, etc. so you can feel most comfortable with your smile.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. They serve as a strong foundation for permanent or replacement teeth, which are made to match your natural teeth. They can be great not only for your physical appearance but also for your dental health, boosting your overall wellness.


Children Dentistry

The journey to a happy and healthy smile starts at an early age. If you have kids, your child may start seeing a dentist or get them preventive dental care no later than age seven. Any general dentist can attend to a kid’s need. But, it’s best to entrust your children’s oral wellness to a professional who specializes, and better understands pediatric dental care.


Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety is one of the main reasons why people tend not to visit a dentist and get the necessary treatment done. Other people develop a higher level of fear due to past traumatic experiences, such as fear of needles, bloor, or from just hearing bad stories from their colleagues. It’s great that your dentist has a quick solution to this – sedation dentistry. Your comfort will be prioritized, so there would be no more fear of getting your best smile.



Those are only a few of the other services your dentist in Baton Rouge. Other vital services include teeth whitening, dental cleaning, and restorative dentistry. But, whichever service you need, make sure to entrust your dental health to professionals that offer affordable and top-quality dental care.