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Why Athletes Need a Professional Sports Massage

If you are an athlete and you do not regularly indulge in massage treatments, you are surely missing out. A sports massage, Liverpool, is usually a combination of different massage therapy techniques that are uniquely tailored to athlete-specific needs. Many coaches, trainers, and athletes swear by the relief, relaxation, and health benefits they enjoy by regularly having massages. Here are several reasons why an athlete should include sports massages in their health and wellness routine.


  1. It improves your flexibility and range of motion.

Because of an athlete’s active lifestyle, they need to have the ability to maximize their limbs and muscles.  Having sports massage boost blood flow to the muscle tissues, which helps alleviate soreness in the muscles and release tension.


  1. It relaxes and loosens the muscular system.

During strenuous activities like playing sports or exercising, the muscles go under trauma and are more prone to inflammation. Since muscles are made up of fiber bundles, these fibers get knotted and twisted with each other, which damages them and result in rigid and tight muscles. Massages address these issues by opening the blood passages and reassures blood flow, as well as nutrient and oxygen supply for the cells.


  1. It addresses chronic pain.

Pain is something usual to athletes because of their physically active way of life. Massages can provide them with pain relief, as this therapy allows more production of endorphins for restraining the function of pain receptors and lead to the reduction of pain intensity. This is a way better alternative to painkillers that can be addictive, cause renal failure, and other side effects.


  1. It improves posture.

When the body is continuously exposed to immense amounts of stress, it is natural for it to seek to reduce stress in the afflicted area by slightly adjusting the posture to distribute the strain to other parts of the body. This can lead to a bent spine, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, and other issues. Sports massage can further relieve before-mentioned problems by straightening the spine and alleviating stress on the neck so that the pressure is reduced and the posture returns to its proper state.


How Often Should You Have Sports Massage Sessions?

On average, an active athlete should get one massage every week, or at least have one every month. You will surely benefit from them, especially before and after major sporting events. If you are in the Liverpool area, visit City Rehab for your sports massage, Liverpool, and other physiotherapy needs.