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What Is a Stupor and How to Get Help?

When a person is near unconsciousness or is not making any sense, they could be in a stupor. What is a stupor? It is a very serious mental condition where a person cannot respond normally to conversation. They cannot react even if someone tries to get them to by rubbing their chest.

The cause of a stupor could be alcohol poisoning, a drug overdose, meningitis, encephalitis or brain swelling or a stroke. Patients with dementia or those who have suffered a brain aneurysm could be susceptible to being in this state.

There is help for someone who has suffered a such an issue. A stupor may be one of the first obvious symptoms which point to the person needed immediate medical attention.

There is a difference between someone in a stupor and someone who is just in a deep sleep. When someone is in the former state they can be aroused but only with vigorous shaking or stimulation. They can respond to external stimuli but they cannot speak coherently. Each person is different, and based on the cause of the stupor, they may or may not be able to be roused at all.

A person may be breathing fast or slow. Their muscles may be contracting in an abnormal way. Their pupils will normally be much wider than they should be. They will not change size if exposed to light.

What is a stupor emergency? Any person who is suspected of being in this state is in a medical emergency. If you suspect a person is in this state, call 911. Emergency medical personnel may examine the person by taking their temperature, checking their heart rate, and blood pressure.

When they are in the presence of a doctor they will be examined further. The doctor will pinpoint what the cause is. They will then undergo a brain or neurological exam.