What to Look for In a Wholesale CBD Partner

CBD is now legal in all 50 states. Consumer spending on CBD products is expected to go into the billions in a few years. Now is a great time to become a CBD distributer.

To be a successful distributor online or in a retail store, you need to sell quality products. Not all CBD is sourced in the best way possible and you need to know what types of products you will sell so that you can find a great wholesale CBD partner.

How to find the Perfect Partner

Look for quality and look for a wholesaler with a great reputation. You have an obligation to sell the highest quality and most effective products to your customers. For these reasons, you have to find a wholesaler that sources its CBD from farms where quality hemp is grown and sourced in a responsible way.

Another important factor to look at is how the wholesale CBD partner extracts the oil from the hemp. Avoid a company that uses strong chemicals. Look for a company that extracts the oil using CO2 extraction. It is a complex method but a clean one.

Check the COAs. This stands for certificate of analysis. These certificates report on the levels of THC and CBD in each product. These reports assure you that what is reflected on the packaging is in the product someone will be consuming. Purity is the number one thing to make certain of before you take on a supply of any type of CBD edible, oil or patch.

Be wary of any wholesale company that makes health claims about the CBD products they sell. Certainly, the products should improve the health and well-being of the customer but remember that the FDA does not support the efficacy of the substance. Any company making definitive health claims should be looked at more closely.

Will your partner do private labeling? Will they offer you drop shipping? These are important services to have. Ask before you partner with them. You also want to be sure you are getting full-spectrum, non-dipped or coated products. These are things that would indicate you are getting less quality than you want.

Once you find a reputable wholesaler, be careful to read the contract you enter into carefully. You want to form a mutually beneficial partnership with them. Your CBD wholesaler will be your number one source of products for your business so find one you find you can work with well.